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When lenders were willing to give Mike Litoris a home loan I had a hunch we might have a mortgage crisis in the future.

t/y Larry

Oprah is Pause-essed!

Hide your children! The holy one has crossed over to the dark side!

t/y Bryan!!
What the hell goes on back stage at Wheel of Fortune!? Vanna, a face full of something, a horse in the background!? I feel uncomfortable.

Masochistic Gram-Pause

I swear this was not taken from some Kiddie-Geriatric-Sadomasochistic fetish video...just a perfect frozen moment from America's Funniest Videos.


Ok...um...really? Did NO ONE notice her vagina was swallowing her pants during this commercial shoot?!

After a Brief Pause I'm Back!

Yeah I know "well la de frickin' da!" but enjoy the new posts!

Paused Pause

A recent trip had me unable to post new fun still moments but I'm back now and will be uploading many more images soon. Feel free to come up with the caption for each image and I'll post the best one!


Pause from the Past

This move with that nose wiggle must be what had Mrs. Kravits snooping for more.

Oprah's Pause-d Off At You!

You make her SICK!

Pause-atively Constipated

The stress of being our savior has Miss Winfrey all backed up.

(t/y Armando)